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How much does a mural cost? 

Starting prices for murals and artworks are around £400 - £500 and increase with size and detail level included in the artwork. Prices are made up of all factors that contribute to the cost of delivering quality mural artwork, such as design time, preparation of the space, materials, travel costs and installation time. Once I know all the details specific to the job you will receive an initial quote.

How do I book in? 

Simply Email me on my email from the contact page (or even call me first to discuss your requirements) Include in your email all details that are crucial to the job such as Size of the wall, photos of the walls current state, the sort of design you would like, where you are based, how soon you would like the work completed (usually around 1 month lead time for jobs that will take more than 1 day) and I will get back to you within a week. You can also contact me via WhatsApp or social media platforms to express your interest. 

50% deposit of the total cost is needed before any design work or materials ordering takes place once this is completed you will be booked in for a date of your convenience.

How long does it take?

The average mural I work on at the moment takes 2 days, for larger murals and exterior murals things could take up to a week or on smaller jobs like a bedroom wall that is not massively detailed or a logo on a wall it normally is completed in a day. However prior to the job we have to allow time for booking in, organisation, design, materials to be ordered.

Does it smell?

The paint I use is an acrylic based spray paint that does smell quite strong and requires the user to wear a suitable respirator mask. For indoor murals I ask that anyone who may be in the house or building is out of the room, as far away from where the painting is taking place at all times and keeps the building very well ventilated. I use a fan to aid ventilation but all windows must remain open throughout the process and smell should subside 48 hours after completion.

Is it messy?

The paint is not too messy and does not produce that much overspray so outdoor use is great, for indoor use you will find that a fine colourful dust will settle when the painting is complete this should be vacuumed up and will then safely remove from surfaces without staining. I do protect every surface and object I can with dust sheets and masking tape but I do reccomend removing any valuables and fabrics out of the room the mural will be in. I also recommend you vacuum and dust the room 24 hours after the completion of the mural

How do I maintain it? how long does it last?

For an outdoor mural I suggest cleaning the surface as well as possible before I come and paint on it and prep with suitable exterior paint unless you require me to. I will only complete an outdoor mural in suitable weather to ensure the paint forms the strongest bond possible and to aid its longevity. After the mural is complete if the surface was in good enough condition it should last 5 years plus with no major wear.

As for indoor murals they should last forever really. If in direct sunlight or a particularly hot room it may suffer fading and colour change. If in a damp room or on damp wall the paint may begin to peel after a few years.

What designs can you do?

Any design you desire! check out the 'commissions' page or 'my artwork' for examples of my work! feel free to get in touch with your ideas and hopefully I can create your dream artwork.

When are you available?

Lead time from you getting in touch is normally around a month so you should have your artwork done within a month be sure to contact me the sooner the better and we will book you in for you're desired date! 

Where do you cover?

I do mural work all around the UK so where ever your based don't hesitate to get in touch!

What sort of work can you do?

As a freelance commercial artist I can do pretty much anything you require, as you see in my portfolio on the 'Commissions and My Artwork' pages I do all types of styles and subject matter and also do my own personal fine art in my free time which you could commission me to do or even buy an original painting of mine via the 'Shop' page.

If you do have any more questions please don't hesitate to get in touch using one of the contact options available on the 'Contact' page.

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